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Logan Grocholski
Hello, I am new to digital art and have been diving into it lately with drawing prompts from a friend of mine. I draw and paint traditionally for the most part and I am beginning to learn anatomy. I would just love to know your thoughts on what I've done so far and any suggestions are welcome! I know a huge weakness I have so far is varying my brushes. For each of these images I started out with a sketch, then laid in flat color, and finally did a pass of lighting and shadows on separate layers. The prompts are: Draw yourself as a cyberpsycho from Cyberpunk 2077 Draw a rabbit/toad hybrid mutant Draw a children's show mascot eating a child Draw a pigman being held captive Draw a shop in the future where androids are shopping for skin suits They were drawn in the order of the listed prompts.
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Steve Lenze
Hey Logan, Let me begin by saying the children's show mascot eating the child is out of control funny! Awesome! After looking at your stuff, I think you are right, learning anatomy will really help you. One of the things I tell people here is: painting is drawing. It means that our paintings will never look the way we want them to unless the drawing is correct. Most of your drawings are missing a solid, structural base, meaning, they lack a 3 dimensional quality that should be in the drawing before you even start to paint. So, I wont comment yet on the painting part, but on your drawings specifically. I did a quick drawing to show you what I'm talking about, I hope it makes sense to you and can help you :)
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Logan Grocholski
Thank you very much for your reply! Haha thanks! It was a fun one to do. Well the one you chose was the one I spent the least effort on lol, but your breakdown is still very helpful. I guess I tried imagining the 3D forms, and then tried to only draw what I thought were the contours. But, because I didn't draw out the 3D forms, the forms were wrong and therefore the drawing. I am much more comfortable with rendering, lighting effects, and storytelling, so I rush to that before having the proper foundation. Looks like I need to go back to basic forms for a bit and work on my overlapping as well. Thanks again! 😁
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