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This was for a school project I did and I couldn’t really render it well and I’m still not very experienced with adding color to my art work any tips?
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Josh Sunga
Hey @sadbonez, nice work! I did a paintover focused on design. I think if we could better design a moment and compose the image around it that would improve your piece more than just rendering better. That said if you want a better painting- learn about value structure and creating a focal point with it. If you notice in the paintover the brightest values highlight points of interest. But this all goes back to design and how the painter can best compose an image and then render it. The rest of the notes are in the image below! Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks this helped a lot i seen your critiques in other peoples peices and was hoping i could get help on mine from you and this is just beyond helpful i see that i should make the focus more on the worm and have a clear conflict and i really like paint over it helped me understand your points more
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