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Jinxed Monster
Hi! I was wondering if I can get some critique to improve? A few weeks back I took an online character design course and this was one of the homeworks. We were supposed to pick a character and adapt it, to put it in a complete different setting. So I pick the Green Knight from Castle Crashers (medieval fantasy and funny game) and put it inside the world of Fallout (a post apocalyptic survival game). The goal was to make the character recognizable, but in the new style.  The homework was already delivered, but it was reviewed by other classmates; and although I appreciate the review, I would like a little more critique than "I like it" or "I don't like it" Now, this is the first time I paint digitally something, eehh... semi-realistic? Does this fit that category? I usually do more cartoony stuff on the computer, but I want like to change that. I enjoy a lot this style and I would like to improve it.  So, what I'm asking is:  Is there's something I can improve in the new design of the character?  Is there other exercises to start to develop your character design skills? So far I've only try drawing from prompt challenges, like Mermay or Inktober, but I'm not sure if it's working, or maybe I'm doing something wrong? Also, I'm already taking digital painting courses over here, and I've been practicing; but any tips or critique in my painting skills is highly appreciate it :) Thank you for your time! And I hope you have a great day! :)
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Olga Bruser
It looks really cool!! What I would suggest to work on for your next project is gesture and construction for the figure beneath. Look at perhaps Will Weston work, Peter Han - dynamic sketching as a reference for construction drawing. Also maybe Michael Hampton - his gesture phase and then the construction he adds on top. With gesture drawing try to push and exaggerate the pose to make it more interesting and alive and less stiff. And then build the 3d shapes on top of tubes and cubes. And then on top of that some basic anatomy - you can use any anatomy book to help you with that stage. What helps me with poses is gathering lots of references and even taking picture of myself which a lot of times works best for me. Then I exaggerate it for my needs and balance it with different references like body types, weight and anatomy. I don't go for the first pose I get and try to experiment with different poses that can get me a more interesting result even if it's supposed to be a more neutral pose. As for rendering, I think it's something we improve anyway and just gather enough reference for materials and texture, lighting and just search for a video tutorial for the parts you struggle with. You can grab any course or book for that, Color and Light by James Gourney, Marco Bucci videos, Sam Nielson courses. You have a great base and I think you'll improve very fast, keep going!! :D In terms of design, if you keep sketching while having an idea in mind + using references, you'll build up visual library and improve your designing skills. But if you do mindless doodles it won't take you very far unless it's meant to be like sketching from memory or shape exploration and still has a goal for it then do it. Keep the design principles in mind like: Small, medium, big. Interesting silhouette, clarity, focal point. Contrast by value/proximity/hue/edge/direction/saturation/shape variety/proportion/texture. I really hope it's helpful and keep going :D
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Jinxed Monster
Thank you so much for answering! I do struggle with poses, I'm still learning to let go and keep in mind "it's ok to exaggerate the pose, is a just a drawing", but I'm working on it. :D I haven't seen Will Weston's work until now and wow! I'm a fan already, thanks for mention it! I didn't take the time to make several sketches before this, I've realized this is an important step in this branch of design, and I'm not use to do that yet (I work in advertising design, and everything has to be quick), so I'm definitely adding that to the list to do! I've been a fan of James Gurney since I found his channel like 6-7 years ago, dinosaurs and history illustrations is what introduce me to art haha. I'm taking Marco Bucci class atm. I think I'll like to try a take on this character again after that course, and applying the tips and principles you told me. This has been really helpful! Thank you so much! Hope you have an amazing week :D
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