Critique my character design please!
Tin Tran
Hi! I just wanted to drop in here and ask you guys what you think on this character design I started on earlier. I'm fairly new to concept arts, and this is actually the first character sheet that I've started working on. Before I do anything else, I wanted to get some feedback from some people, because I do feel like the design is missing a few things. The character is supposed to be based off the Hindu God of Death, and I used a lot of references from Indian culture to design him. I attached a few references below just in case you wanted to see them! I would really like advice on what I should add to make his design pop more, and to make him look more memorable and preserve the culture. Also, anatomy tips are welcome, but I already know I made him way too short to be 6 feet, so I'm gonna fix that lol! Thank you guys for the help!
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Steve Lenze
Hey Tin, I think you need to work a little more on your poses before designing the costumes. The flat, straight on view you chose isn't going to show off your design very well, and makes for a bit of a boring drawing. I did a quick little sketch to show you what you could do with your pose. It will also help with your costume design too. I hope it helps :)
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Tin Tran
OMG! Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate the advice. Yes, I chose a bit of a boring pose, since this was my first time drawing a character sheet, so I wasn't really sure if I wanted to experiment with a dynamic pose. But, I will keep your advice in mind the next time I design a costume.
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