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I am aware Stan and Marshall both feel they have worked this topic to death. I disagree. People continue to struggle with this despite an enormous amount of material available. Something I neglect to see discussed in those videos pertaining to self-education and something I desire and something I hear echoed among many: Structured assignment. I guess without expanding an additional category to your concept it would best fit under 'Feedback'. It is difficult for the first time artist or beginner to come up with good practical ideas of just what to draw and how to approach said project (the focus or mindset. ie modelling, color, composition.. etc.) to get the most out of the experience at a particular stage in their progression. You may say draw anything, draw everything. But that is no good for the beginner. He wants to be told what to do and how to go about it to gain the best results. Keeping in mind the buckets of gemstones from your interview with Flint Dille (mostly the idea of being challenged without becoming overwhelmed) Also keep in mind the art student isn't just learning to draw. He is learning to be creative. I should reword that... He is learning to 'access' his creativity. - James Gurney’s Self-Education Journey - Draftsmen S3E04 (~1:23:00) James Gurney sums it up beautifully. "What a good teacher should probably do.. is come up with a real specific challenge that they are likely to succeed at, but that brings them to a higher level of understanding and then take everything out of the equation that might confuse them too much..." This is something missing from self-education that I see being of great benefit in propelling growth that is available at the art school. This note is designed for Stan and the Proko team but any feedback (esp. where one might find these sorts of lesson assignments) is appreciated. I hope my words make sense of my desire. I know I'm not alone in this.
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Katey Jensma
Hi @Logan Kowalla, thank you so much for your feedback. Stan and the Proko team are constantly working for improve our website, courses, and resources for artists. We have many site features and projects in production that will hopefully address what you are talking about.
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