Composition for Dynamic Foreshortening (One Piece Fanart)
Caleb Arias
Hello everyone, I want to make a fanart of Luffy Gear 4 Bound Man! But I want to give it that wild and dynamic touch, like @itokazuuuu's drawings or like boichi, giving them a final rendering in graphite. But my sketches look very loose in composition, what can I do to make them more dynamic, the 1st one looks like 2 standing pillars crushing something XD, and the 2nd one looks very generic Any criticism is received and appreciated. Image credits Boichi Manga Author
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Rebecca Shay
exaggerate the size difference more. See how much bigger the fist is compared to the arm in the reference? I think your fist is big enough, but make the arm skinnier, etapering more and more as it’s farther away from the viewer. I can’t quite tell what it is I’m your second drawing. Is he punching straight down?
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