Colour and Composition - Critique Request
I have been doing little watercolour portrait sketches, and I'd like some feedback on my colour use and the compositions. I also need some help with shape design, so tell me if you see any issues - but don't forget these are very small paintings, less than 2 by 2 inches, so some details may be a little off. Thank you for any time you spend on this.
IMG 20210909 230025
IMG 20210909 230127
IMG 20210914 115131
IMG 20210914 114801
IMG 20210914 115323
IMG 20210914 114921
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Adam Done
For being small I like these. I think what you did with the color is nice. I'd like to see something larger. The green lady is very interesting. The watercolor mottling is working out very well, that is why I'd like to see what something larger from you looks like. That value via saturation is good to explore and keep it up.
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Ha Minh
Hi there! I just came across this on news feed. I just wanna say I love the colors and the emotions in your paintings. I especially like the purple and the green ones. I can see elements of shape design there, if anything exaggerate them even more, and clarify some smaller secondary shapes like the nose for example. It will increase the form hiararchy contrast with simpler primary forms like the overall shape of the face. If you have the opportunity to study from life it'll be very useful in understanding colors. You can even paint nature and still life and apply the light logic into your portraiture, as your colors are already invented anyway. Just my two cents. Hope that helps.
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Talal Zulfiqar
Yes, it is no exaggeration that to study colour, observational art from real life is the best practice. It is also very helpful in learning values and light physics, because light plays all sorts of tricks and games which, if you incorporate into your imaginative work at appropriate times, will certainly improve the groundedness in reality of such imaginary works (if thats what youre after).