City Hall 5-21-21
Todd Archinal
1. watched it today on my phone while in gym. had to use youtube app instead of on the site due to header pushing video down the screen too far (landscape mode) 2. I was able to hear Stan with no problem but the question reader' volume was about 50% of Stan's. Stan did repeat back some of the questions which was good but until the volume problem is fixed Stan needs to repeat all questions. 3. I am sure you have your reasons for doing the questions on your site as comments instead of using YouTube's chat system but I would take a good look at how David Finch does his Monday night draws. he has merideth as the main moderator and question screener. these streams have a very good feel of community which I know you are looking for with v2.0. there are actually plenty of side chats going on in there. in fact that was how I found out about you figure drawing course that I purchased. I had posted a question to Dave of his opinion on what courses I should look into. Meredith didn't pick/see my question but quite a few fellow chatters did and recommended you. 4 Speaking of Dave, take a look at his screen setup, it has a twitch feel to it with camera on him up in corner, chat below, and main camera taking up most of screen. he is able to switch that area to either his desk or to his computer. I'm sure Dave and merideth would answer any questions sorry so long but just had to get this off my chest BTW, love the figure drawing course, well worth the money...cant wait till I'm good enough to move onto the anatomy course
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Mike Jara
Hey @Todd Archinal. Sorry about the sound issues you experienced. We've fixed those the volume on the recent streams. Going forward, we are going to find a way to have a moderator on Proko questions and YouTube. We appreciate your feedback. If you haven't seen David's livestream last week,
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