Children's Illustration Need Feedback
Ziwei Li
Hello everyone! I tried some children's illustrations. The shading on the girl and cat in image 2 still look strange to me, don't like it, perhaps I can improve the shapes? Is there anything that looks off to you? Suggestions please! Any feedback on other images is also welcome! 
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Hey, @Ziwei Li! Beautiful work! I really like the character designs and the use of light, color and texture. Since you specifically asked, I personally can’t find anything I’d change in the lighting of the piece with the girl and the cat. In fact, I love its atmosphere and it feels overall harmonious to my eye in terms of light and color. But I do have a few thoughts on a different matter: I think I’d perhaps try to put in a bit more time on the environment design, especially on the window view. Since the window is such a big part of this composition, it would be nice to see what is out there, far into the distance (this can be a way to draw the viewer's eye into the painting to explore these characters’ world), or, if there’s heavy rain and we can’t see a thing, perhaps I’d work the texture of the raindrops so they’d look vividly like rain pouring on glass. Additionally, maybe dress up the setting with some compositional elements - a little pillow on the corner, perhaps a toy or a house object discreetly showing at the borders, maybe some crafting drape work or embroidery on the curtains? Just a few ideas. I think that working the environment design applies to the first illustration, too! I love the characters, and I feel like the environment kind of deserves the same level of thought and development. I think I’d try to add more depth to the setting, maybe think of layers going into the distance with some atmospheric perspective, and definitely soften the grass texture down at the front, give it less contrast so it doesn’t steal the thunder from the characters. By the way, I also feel like maybe the chick's surroundings could look just a little bit less ambiguous - it seems to me that the girl is fetching something from a purse, is that it? Is she going to feed the chick? Have they found a lost purse and are now finding out what's in it? Or are they actually hiding something inside it? Just thinking about aspects and attempting to clarify them a bit more should help enhance the visual storytelling. Hope this helps! Other than that, awesome work! Keep it up!
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Christa Elrod
Such an outstanding illustration. Kudos for the amazing work.
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