Can I watch the videos from my tv ?
Eden Gasior
On YouTube or another browser? I would really like to view my videos on my big screen tv but the screen mirroring option is so foggy. I have tried all kinds of ways before I wanted to ask your advice. None of them work! I understand that your content is very valuable and you do t want hacks or thief’s. If I can view it on my tv that’s great! If not I understand and at least now I can get back to drawing thru learning in my iPad! Thanks for your time, Eden
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Rebecca Shay
How are you mirroring? What's your TV resolution? I mirror from my Mac devices, sometimes even iPhone, and the quality is always great.
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Eden Gasior
Thanks Rebecca for your quick reply…… I am Mirroring from my Chromecast! It’s just awful! We have smart tvs and I’d really like to watch from the main smart tv in my family room. I can’t get that one to mirror consistentl thru roku. I have a desktop Mac…should I try to use that to AirPlay to the main smart tv? I’m afraid they are not in the same room so it might not work!
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