blocked video in beginner drawing course
Hello dear proko-team! First I want to apologize, english is not my mother language so I might pick wrong words. I just want to report an 'issue' with a video of the beginner drawing course (gesture). I tried to rewatch it and I know it definitely worked on when I watched it the first time. Now Youtube blocks this video (and probabyl some more I just don't know of yet?) and wants an age verification requiring a youtube account and will only let you watch it on youtube itself. So baaasically no real problem for me as adult and having a youtube account - I just saw that Stan did a poll on youtube wether people have heard of / visit or if people keep using youtube. The poll reminded me of the blocked video. Probably people don't want to use and keep using youtube if more videos will be blocked - this might be something you want to have an eye on. But, overall, thanks for your hard work and maybe I find some courage to post my exercises with gesture drawings, I feel a bit ashamed of my little progress haha ^^
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Katey Jensma
@Stefanie thank you for letting us know about this! Youtube has age restricted a view of our videos, and it looks like they decided to restrict this one as well. We will have this problem fixed asap :)
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