balance drawing question
I've just practiced balance drawing but i still don't understand that concept. Should I put a line in the middle of the body and draw on both sides? How should i use this method if the model is curved down or is inclined? i made some drawings of it.
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Kristian Nee
Hey @bycristian123, based on the way I've seen my teachers at the Watts Atelier and @Stan Prokopenko draw, I've never seen them use a line like that for drawing balanced poses. It's a good idea for getting the general action or gesture of the pose, but it's not necessarily essential to include. That being said, if it works for you keep doing it! Drawing is all about experimenting and seeing how things work. If you find a new concept that makes it easier for you to draw, own it! There's no wrong way of drawing if you get the desired results. Good job on these by the way! The gesture on these are really solid
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I try to replicate what Proko did in his video, I have to practice more, thanks for your feedback.
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