Arm bones Practice
Anubhav Saini
hello Everyone 1;is the structure and gesture correct 2:is the anatomy Right 3:Are the proportions Right
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Anubhav Saini
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Hey, @Anubhav Saini, so sorry for the late reply! Things have been a bit hectic for me these past few weeks. But let’s go straight into your questions: 1 - I think the overall structure looks fine. And, for this assignment, I think you don’t need to worry too much about gesture, so no problems there either. 2 - The level of anatomical simplification you’re using works well to study the basic forms of the bones and the types of the joints. But I see some tweaks and corrections you might do in the anatomy: . TRACING 1 - The form of the Ulna feels a little bit “broken”, maybe see if you can use more sweeping, gestural lines to design it. Also, the extremity of the Radius that’s closer to the hand could be a bit more bulky and volumetric. . TRACING 2 - The Radius is supposed to cross over the Ulna when the arm pronates, but in image 2, it looks like the opposite is happening. Also, besides the pronation, the arm is twisted in this pose, so the outer epicondyle of the Humerus is turned towards the camera - in other words, the perspective of the “cylinder” needs to change so its top is facing the viewer a bit more. . TRACING 3 - The head of the Humerus is facing outward, which does not look anatomically correct for this pose. Remember the head of the Humerus should fit inside the Glenoid cavity of the Scapula. Also, I feel like the Ulna is placed too much inward - try designing it so it feels more centered with the Humerus. Check out the 3D Model: Arm Bones - and maybe see how you can tweak the other tracings as well, based on this observation. 3 - The overall proportions look fine too, so no worries there. For illustrative purposes, I’m attaching some notes over your tracings 1 and 3 plus my own version of the tracing for the 2nd pose. A side note: I think the yellow-green you picked to draw the Ulna in images 1 and 2 is a bit too bright and, when contrasting with the other colors and with the photo on the background, it makes the overall drawing a bit confusing. I really like the idea of using different colors to break down and better understand each element of the anatomy, so I’d encourage you to keep doing that if you feel it helps you! But just try to do so in a way that makes the final result of your tracing a little bit clearer visually. To help illustrate, I applied this idea in my tracing for image 2 (attached here) so you can better see what I mean. And one little extra suggestion: since these studies you’re making are related to a specific assignment in the Anatomy course, I think it could be better, in future posts, if you’d post them under the “Assignments” tab in each lesson’s page (instead of creating a whole new topic for it). In this case, for example, this set of drawings could have been posted in How to Draw Arm Bones – Anatomy for Artists The reason why I think this makes more sense than creating a new topic is that, by posting your assignments directly in each lesson’s page, you make it easier for your assignment to be seen by other people who are studying that same topic, so there could be a stronger community engagement and even more chances for your work to get comments and feedbacks by peers. Of course, this is not mandatory - if you prefer to keep creating new topics, feel free to do so! Just know that, in case you might want, you have an alternative way of posting assignments. I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, just let me know. Keep it up!
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