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The guy from BluishDot
Hey everyone! I'm working on a scene for a short animation and I was hoping to get some feedback regarding its composition. The sketch of the scene is supposed to represent a table full of food, a grandma looking down at the grandson, and the grandson blindfolded sitting down at the table. The whole scene is going to be a quick joke about how usually grandmas expect their grandchildren to eat a huge amount of food when they visit. :D My only concern is the fact that the wall is not parallel to the edge of the table, which I found to be very uncommon in dining room references. This might make the scene look odd to the viewer. However, it could be that I'm totally overthinking this... Also, the items on the wall are not completely random since they contain a small easter egg for a future episode, so they do have some importance. This is one of the reasons why I wanted the items on the wall to be easy to understand and not distorted. I would highly appreciate your thoughts on this. Is the setting easy enough to understand and pleasant to look at? Or does the orientation of the wall throw everything completely off? Thank you!
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Steve Lenze
Hey Bluishdot, The problem with your scene is that it is very flat. You also need to add correct perspective to your scene. One way to make this scene more interesting is to use two point perspective. It will give the scene more dimension. I did a quick drawing to show you what I mean, I hope it helps :)
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The guy from BluishDot
Hello Steve, The sketch is extremely useful! It makes everything so much clearer. Thank you for the feedback! I highly appreciate it! 
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