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arthur whelan
I haven’t cleaned up the pencilling obviously but I enjoyed this page, because I found out you can translate English into hierglyphics online, so the text on the tomb wall says something like “beware the woman with the snake-green eyes”. And that’s the femme fatale here of course. And my cats make a cameo.
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This is great, @arthur whelan! :D I love the ideia that the symbols on the wall do have a meaning that's related to the story, even if it's a "hidden message". @Ieva Paleja has a point, it's probably highly unlikely that most people would notice this without you giving it away with an explanation - but I believe this is part of the fun, right? It can become a sort of easter egg that most people wouldn't catch, but a few might - and, if they do, it could be a cool "eureka" moment for them. Regardless, of course, from a creative standpoint, I think it's such a joy to come up with a meaningful purpose for each visual element in a composition - at least, more so than if the symbols were just random or non-sense. And nice touch adding your cats to the scene, haha!
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Ieva Paleja
Great idea about using hieroglyphics! However I am afraid this never will be understood without explanation.
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arthur whelan
Yes, I will have to add an epilogue. But if I just drew random symbols Egyptologists everywhere will call me out! Plus I would have no idea what I was saying.
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