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Gabriel Kahn
One of my favorite works so far. How do you like it? :) Open for critiques (Death - The Sounds of Perseverance)
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Jon Neimeister
Lovely piece, the handling of the figure is really cool and the gesture / expression reads really well. Feels powerful and dynamic! In terms of feedback, I think some of the anatomy might be a bit overrendered, mainly in the raised shoulder/arm/scapula, and I would look at simplifying those. Even if they look this way in your reference, human bodies are weird and sometimes accuracy isn't aesthetically pleasing, so always give yourself the liberty to deviate from the reference to make a more appealing piece. There's also a lot of warm going on in the image and personally I wouldn't mind seeing it contrasted with some colder tones in the rocks and sky. maybe even desaturating the light side of the figure. They don't have to be intense blues or anything, some desaturated reds and oranges will do, but I think it'll help make the warms even more potent; though this may have been a request from the client which sometimes is just the way it is haha. Keep it up! :D
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