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As of recent I have lost motivation to continue drawing. I blame it on my indecisiveness in relation to choosing and sticking with a drawing surface. In this matter I seek guideance. Before picking up the course, my intention was learning to draw standing infront of an easel. But I have experienced frustrations with some of the exercises, in particular learning to shade with the tip. I feel like it is difficult to attain control on an easel without discomfort, e.g. when resting the wrist for fine lines. I am aware that doubt is inevitable in any creative field, but I haven't had succes cirumventing it. Also, it should be noted, that I have tried drawing while sitting in front of my easel, but the frame is too narrow to fit the legs of my chair, which makes it impossible for me to be close enough to it. What do you suggest? That I stick with the easel but disregard certain techniques in favour of others, or that I simply execute them differently (e.g. not resting the wrist whilst I apply a trippod grip) and accept the outcome? I guess my main goal with this post is to get reassurance that I can learn to draw soley on an easel. The easel in question is pictured. Thanks in advance.
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In my opinion, you're not matching the techniques to the size of the easel properly. The equipment you have is perfect for large formats. I find it most comfortable to use it standing up, although I've seen people who sit on a tall bar stool while using it. Try changing the format to a larger one (100x70cm ~ 40x27inch) and draw using your whole arm, not just your wrist. Only when detailing, change your grip and finish the drawing.
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Thank you kindly for your answer Andek. I really appreciate it. Just to affirm that I understood your suggestion correctly - you want me to apply the same techniques as shown by proko, but instead of using my wrist (as he does) I use my whole arm, since that would match the drawing surface better? E.G. when shading, I use my whole arm. You also mentioned grips - would you use an overhand grip when using your arm and tripod for details? In terms of changing the format to a larger one, currently I only have a drawing board that fits A4. I have around 200 sheets of A4 paper, which I would prefer to exhaust before buying larger paper to prove that I can stay the course. In your opinion, is A4 applicable for using your whole arm? Lastly, what do you suggest I buy to attach my paper onto if I were to move to a larger format, ? Do you by chance know how Morgan Weistling has created this setup? (see attatched screenshot). Thank you in advance.
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