A friend of mine just told his honest opinion on my art piece
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hello I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I need a place to vent so here we go.. a few days ago a friend of mine (we'll call him C) approached me asking if I could do a commission for his character. while I usually don't accept any commissions I thought I might accept this one since it's been a while since I made a finished art piece and I wanted to have an idea of my current skill level. two days of work I finished the painting and I could comfortably say it's the best work I've done up until this point, not perfect, not even great, but my peak so far nonetheless. C is so happy about it and puts it as his profile picture immediately. fast forward a couple of days, we're in a voice chat with a couple of friends, one of them will call D, the self proclaimed critic of the group comes in and says "of all the people in the server.. C has the absolutely worst taste for profile pictures.." I realize he doesn't know that it's my drawing and knowing what's coming I still ask him "what's up with his profile picture?" he responds "it's just shit artwork" at first it was absolutely hilarious, we all started laughing at how embarrassing the situation is for him and how stupid he must feel after I told him it was my drawing, but I knew immediately that once I'm out of this voice chat.. this is going to hurt like hell. true enough for the rest of day I could not concentrate on anything at all, every single moment I spent with myself I could hear a voice in mind saying "shit artwork". I may be acting dramatic but this is the first time I've heard anybody's true opinion of my art without them taking my feelings into consideration so now my imposter syndrome is going wild and I'm thinking of every complement I've ever received and thinking "they must've just been trying to be nice to me" and it's slowly eating away at me. it's been three years since I've picked up drawing.. three years of constant practice every day and I still can't get a normie to say that my art is good or even alright or mediocre.. just shit artwork.
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Izak van Langevelde
Sometimes an honest opinion is just an honest opinion...
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Sorry to hear this. It's just one person's opinion. Where I live there's an older man who has somehow positioned himself in the community as the person who gets to say what art is good and what art isn't. He had a regular art critique session where he just obliterated anyone's art when they showed it to the group. People got tired of being abused and everyone stopped going. He had no idea why. He paints and draws clever things, but mostly concentrates on cars and other cold and unemotional art. He goes to openings and shows and tells everyone their mistakes. Our whole community can pretty much do without this insensitive and narcissistic tool, but because he moved here we are stuck with him. I think some people just like to rain on everyone's parade in order to get attention. I'm sure your art is fine. Enjoy the process; worry less and tell people to fuck off when it's appropriate.
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