A fancomic I did for 2 months
Hello, 2 months ago I uploaded a touhou fancomic here to get some critism. After that I tried to apply what both @Liandro and @jesper axelsson suggest and make the comic more clear. I did several value and color study alla Norman Rockwell (here they are https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j9HC_LP4HLk-0s0LIW_xCnzpZlyBttcBaacOSzUhlOk/edit and https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IkYKK62pNdgvgft5yxZKxmJeqcxUtQrxt-HKbHoMuMI/edit) before doing the comic. I really don't remember who it was I referencing, I think I was looking at this BlogSpot by James Gurney on how Cubist movement effect comic and the first image made me want to try my hand on it (http://gurneyjourney.blogspot.com/2018/05/cubist-nightmares-in-comics.html) And I think I was looking at some Chainsaw man and Bernie Fuchs painting but I really can't remember (I think I also reference some Koishi Komeji's Heart Throbbing adventure for Koishi's design, Koishi is the girl that got kick in the crotch, but that's all). Most of the time I feel I was looking at images of Marissa, Koishi, Satori, Rin, Utsuho and Komachi than any one specific artist. I was just painting what I wanted to paint and that was it. So I don't have much reference here (sorry >_<) I guess like my previous post, I would just like to know if there's any panel/page that can be improve, or if anything jump up as "wrong" (Something even relating to story/character would be good) Anyway thanks as always for the feedback :D (Also here's a google docs if anyone want to read it more fluidly https://docs.google.com/document/d/11dnHuY8YbFtU1wFhqSVG6PgMwgwsITM6w6xdWogfAZI/edit
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I am no proffessional but I really like the style. I find it very sorf and pleasing to look at .
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Oh hey it's you. Thanks a lot @W.I.M.U , really appreciate it! I'm glad the style is at least appealing to look at >_<
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