2 minute gesture drawing
Anubhav Saini
Are these drawings stiff . I found it difficult to find the rhythm in the waist area especially on females with wider hips
Screenshot 2021 08 01 01 25 06 08
Screenshot 2021 08 01 01 27 49 28
Screenshot 2021 08 01 01 27 53 72
Screenshot 2021 08 01 01 27 40 88
Screenshot 2021 08 01 01 27 44 53
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Alec Brubaker
Hi Anubhav, I think the stiffness in the first couple drawings you've posted is coming from some proportion issues. On the first drawing, it looks like you're missing some length on the legs. A rule of thumb for a conventionally well proportioned figure is that the halfway point is the pubic bone right above the crotch. And on the second drawing you're having the opposite issue, this time you've squished the torso into the pelvis, she's missing her waist! The proportions in your last 3 drawings are quite a bit better, and the figures feel less 'stiff' because of that. I consider getting these proportions in a pose down first and foremost, as the figure just won't look correct otherwise. Aside from proportions, you could try looking for more curves in the figure, like in the ribcage, female hip shapes, arms, etc. And paying attention to the angles of tilts of those skeletal landmarks as well! Shoulders, hips, the angle the two feet are planted on. Hope this helps a bit, keep up the good work!
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