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Here are my thoughts after finally finishing the assignment; 0. Ok, lesson learned. Do Not Use Steel Wire. I thought I'd be saving money by using materials I had on hand however the resulting armature was terrible. Wrapping the wire back up itself was physically tiring & completely ruined my proportions (most notably, the lengths of the thigh & shin make up a difference of over 1cm) I'm basically writing this one off as unusable for the rest of the course. 1st: Switching to Aluminum wire already made a big difference. However, the more flexible material came with it's own challenges. While twisting the wire back up the leg, the foot became deformed in a way I can't easily fix & I found I had to fix the joints more often which I believe also messed up the proportions slightly (One leg is still shorter than the other by about 8mm). The figure still wont stand by itself but still an improvement. 2nd: In an effort to get the limbs to stay proportioned I tried reinforcing this armature with little steel pins. This was definitely a mistake, trying to bend the wire over the limbs & the pins was nightmarishly fiddley, worse was when a previous section would just slide out. Overall the proportions were still off & the figures extra bulk makes posing hard, not worth the extra effort. 3rd: Definitely the best of the bunch, the feet didn't deform as much & the proportions are reasonably accurate.
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