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Jahsee Mullings
I am 15 yrs old boy and I am trying my best to understand everything I need to know about art on proko and elsewhere to achieve that dream. I am planning to be a self taught artist using proko.com and other art websites to help my grow. Questions: 1. Could you give me the difference between a concept artist and an illustrator because I want to be them both in the gaming industry someday. 2. When being a self taught artist, would I get less money working in the gaming industry because I have not graduated from a physical art college? 3. Would I hinder myself from getting jobs or a fan base because I don’t have an art degree? 4. Could you give a summary of what it is like working in the gaming industry? 5. Why do you two are so interested in art? 6. What could I do right after I am out of school meanwhile I am learn art and eventually applying for Jobs in the industry? 7. Where would I apply for different companies worldwide? 8. What are some encouragement you two could give to me for always continuing to love art? Thanks for your time in advance and for you lovely answers. I WANT TO WORK AT XBOX SOMEDAY 🥇🧨🥇
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@Erik Gist Sir you said that you loved storytelling, and did not want to work in Hollywood. If you don't mind, may I ask why? Cause I am passionate about both art and films.
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