Zach Pipher
I have a pretty philosophical question. I've been keeping up with the assignments. And i know proko has spoken on length about how the lessons are not so we can draw a good (pear, seal, apple, etc) but we're practicing the fundamental of the subject, But how do we get from here, drawing seals etc, to there, drawing our figure, or face, or masterpiece. I want to be able to draw really good action poses, or beautiful scenes with people smiling looking at each other. But at times i feel insecure that me drilling the practice doesn't get me closer to my goal. I assume it comes with applying the principle to other things. But then when i draw something for me, I don't accomplish anything near what i want to do. Sorry, this message just comes from a place of discouragement as I am not trying to not compare my self to other artists that started at the same time as me, but appear to be making tons more progress then me, but without this amazing course. As an artist my greatest weakness my whole life is fighting the feelings of insecurity that come along with feeling i'm not good enough or that I will never be good enough to be a masterful artist. Unlike something like a physical sport like baseball, i have a hard time seeing the ball being hit by the bat as progress when it comes to art.
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Tokiwa Matsu
Hi Zach, I'm struggling with the same issues regarding confidence and applying the fundamentals to my own work. I think just going through lessons and practicing is excellent, but it would be even more helpful if we also had a specific goal in mind when we choose to do them. You can make the ball "hittable" by breaking your goals into small steps. For example, you have these goals: a. Draw really good action poses b. Beautiful scenes with people smiling and looking at each other But these goals are quite abstract, so I would ask myself what I need specifically to achieve these goals. - What are "good" action poses?  Do I want to draw anatomically convincing, dynamic poses with good composition? etc. How about I draw 5 - 10 quick action poses every day for a week? - What do I need to learn to draw "beautiful" scenes?  Do I need to learn how to draw the environment and facial anatomy? Do I want to achieve this through painting or inking? Do I need to learn Color theory too? Maybe I can try to take one lesson on the topic each day? Since all of the lessons on these platforms have a very structured approach, you would probably find courses and classes that fit every need. Try drawing your subject, evaluate it, work on any skill you need to strengthen and repeat the process. Eventually, you will become able to draw what you mentioned as your goal :) I assume you are already doing it, but keep at it and you will be there.
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