Tobey Tobella
Tobey Tobella
I’m Tobey a freelance illustrator and concept artist.
Stan Prokopenko
Ya that's something that's been on my mind. Not sure how to prevent people from abusing it. The reason this is even a question is because we have some gamification features that are currently hidden (need to test with real data before launching). As you use the site, you get points for most actions and possibly awarded with badges. If people can manually mark things as done, some will abuse it to try to get more badges. Students who are actually here to study and keep track of progress shouldn't have a worse experience just because some might abuse it. So I think we'll be able to figure it out. Just have to give it some thought.
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Tobey Tobella
Oh I see, makes sense...maybe you could earn your badge posting your own assignments at the end of each lesson? Just a thought!
Tobey Tobella
Hi Proko team, first of all thanks so much to allow me to be part of the Proko 2.0 beta. To the point, for the ones that are halfway through the courses I thought it would be useful a "complete lesson" button such as in the Aron Blaise's tutorials website. It would add up in your completion percentage at your "courses" panel and give you a nice sense of achievement boost without having to rewatch lessons you have already done. Example: I'm currently doing Mannequinization assignments so I'd like to mark all the previous content of the figure course as "completed". I hope it's helpful, Tobey
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