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Hi!!! This is my first time participating in an art contest because I knew that I wasn’t gonna win anyways and I never really got the chance to participate in one but now I think it’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone and be free with my art....anyway this is my submission....It’s really special to me because it’s the first time I let my hands do whatever they want and embrace my mistakes....At first, I wanted it to be perfect so that I’d at least win something but I’ve thought about it and winning didn’t really matter to me anymore...so yeah I just let lose with my art....enough babbling...anyway- My life has always been a fun one....good family, good grades, good friends. But then back in 2018 when I was 10, My mom passed away a week before my bday...then next my grandpa got sick and died a few days after my 11th bday....everything came crashing down...I lost sight of what my purpose was and what I wanted to do in life.....even worse, my dad changed....my dad wasn’t the best...he cheated on my mom with two other girls and had a baby with them then bragged about it to me...but i still loved him because after all, he was still my dad....but then after mom died, he started to pick on my looks like my acne and hair...I started to lose confidence....but then my teacher talked to me and it helped me let out all the sadness that I’ve been carrying for the past months....But of course, I was still sad....but then one day, I decided to pick up my pencil and make art again...It really helped me with my sadness....cliche isn’t it? But that’s what happened....I slowly learned that even when we were at the darkest point of our life, there is light...there is hope...there would always be someone there to help you find your way... I learned to smile even when I’m mad or sad because I knew that everything would be better in the future and that I shouldn’t let my emotions control what I do....Of course, It’s okay to cry....crying helped me let all that sadness out....So yeah that’s my story... Now I’m 13 trying to live the best of life....I’m trying the best I could to improve but here in the Philippines, Art supplies are limited.....and they are expensive....but I try my best to earn money to buy the things I need and fortunately, my family supports me. Anyway that’s all...I hope you like my art...It may not be the best, but I tried my best and worked really hard on it...Even if you like it just a little bit, that’s enough for me and sorry if the quality of the pic is bad😓✨✨
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