Sascha P
Sascha P
Grant H
Hello, here's my first go at the robo beans. I plan to go back in a little more depth and check them against Stan's to see where I'm off. So far, when I look at his compared to mine, I think mine are coming out a little too stiff. All feedback is welcome. I do have one specific question though. On the second image I attached, his drawings have a concave curve for the belly on one bean, but a convex curve for the other. These poses seem very similar. When I drew them, I made the curve concave for both. Is there a particular reason one would be convex or concave, other than it appears that way on the photo reference? Or maybe it's due to body type? Just trying to figure out if I were to make robo beans from imagination, how I would know when it's concave vs convex. Thanks.
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Sascha P
Hello, Grant! There are probably a dozen different reasons why you would use concave vs. convex lines, anything from body type to artistic license, but I think in this example, we're dealing with the spirit of the pose or the gesture. On the female model, we can see she's pushing her chest up, while the male model is throwing his chest back, so concave and convex lines help distinguish this difference in the poses.
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