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Tarek Khazendar
I think you are doing great, especially considering your conditions of time and energy. Everyone has a different life, different time and we can all do our best with what we got, and that is enough! Keep it up
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Raphael VHS
Hello everyone, I've been drawing and learning the basics for two years in my spare time and I've been following a lot of tutorials on the internet because I couldn't find a good evening class near my home. I mostly followed the anatomy courses of Proko (the best on the web for my taste). I try to be regular in my learning, practicing a bit every day (~30-60 min of sketch per day). However, it's not always easy for me to maintain motivation, especially after work hours and family obligations. Recently, I have the impression that I'm regaining a renewed willingness to learn and that I'm going beyond the purely classical learning framework. I orientate my drawing time towards more personal projects, simpler, not very time-consuming and especially on a theme that I like (fantasy). Here are the last two ... I think that lack of time are frequent problems for passionates. Especially if it is not possible to direct your life towards your passion. In this case, I would say that only the patient can help us knowing that life changes, but it is not always easy. I wanted to share this with the community. By the way, thanks to Stan and the whole team for the interesting content (interviews, trainings and podcasts) and this great new platform. Raphaël
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