Robbin Jones
Robbin Jones
James Paris
Okay this is tough , again :) I'm only posting one shaded hand because I'm really struggling with shading in digital , even when I watch Stan's examples i can't seem to undestand shading Could someone point me the mistakes I made with this one ? ( Of course I'll shade the other ones , but if I can get a little help in the meantime... :) ) -Also not really happy with the second hand, for some reason I find that it has a weird " alien like " feeling , maybe the fingers are too big ? - Aaaand I have to add fingernails for the 3rd one ( Ps : Overall i tried to stay pretty close to my previous Hand bones assignements, but I had to tweak some poses to make them a bit more flowy/dynamic ) Anyway, feedbacks more than welcome :D
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Robbin Jones
Hey James! These are looking like some really good studies. Adding shadow can definitely get really complicated really quickly. I might suggest just starting with 2-values. 1 for light and 1 for darks. My biggest advise would be to simplify as much as possible even if that means taking a single finger and breaking it down into simple forms that are characteristic. Then just try to light that finger, or even just a portion of that finger. Think of how you might light a simple box or cylinder, then apply that to the form. Iterate as much as you can and play around with those shadow shapes. Hopefully this is helpful. Keep going!
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