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On a mission to pwn Drawabox and eventually Proko figure and portraiture as well. So far so good and I'm applying what I learn to when I draw for fun.
Drawing BasicsDrawing Basics
Drawing Basics
In Progress
78 19K
The Color Survival GuideThe Color Survival Guide
The Color Survival Guide
Course by Marco Bucci
11 182
Digital Painting FundamentalsDigital Painting Fundamentals
Digital Painting Fundamentals
In Progress
37 607
Anatomy of the Human BodyAnatomy of the Human Body
Anatomy of the Human Body
371 7.5K
Figure Drawing FundamentalsFigure Drawing Fundamentals
Figure Drawing Fundamentals
57 11K
Portrait Drawing FundamentalsPortrait Drawing Fundamentals
Portrait Drawing Fundamentals
35 3.7K
Draftsmen PodcastDraftsmen Podcast
Draftsmen Podcast
106 560
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