Hello Scott, I have been a huge fan ever since I got to know about you in Proko channel. I'm an art student mostly self thought up until now. I got into a concept art masters in Barceloona/Spain which I'm hoping to get some guidance from (I literally dont care about the diploma, but I'm eager to interact with other students and be challenged in different projects. I find right now that the lack of deeper understanding of fundamentals (perspective and anatomy right now) as well as my struggle with branching in the blue sky/brainstorming phase of creating character concepts (I also like creature design but I'm more fascinated by simple and effective character designs for games). Ultimately my FIRST question after all this nonsense is: When you got your first job did you already have a good foundation when it comes to perspective and anatomy, or was that something you got over time when already working professionally? Would you consider in a situation like mine more important working in flexing my creative muscles (do more creative sketching) or would you advise on strengthening my fundamentals? Second is: How do you prevent your human character designs from becoming too alike in that initial experimentation phase? I find hard to iterate sometimes because of the human structure ultimately being so similar among everyone (vertical body, 1 head, two arms, etc) contraty to animal-esque creatures. Any tips on this is GREATLY appreciated. Greetings from Portugal!
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