Luis Antoni Del Águila Jacobo
Luis Antoni Del Águila Jacobo
Luis Antoni Del Águila Jacobo
Hello everybody, Last-minute submission, but I hope it is on time. My book cover is for Civilizations from Laurent Binet.  12x16 Inches. Traditional gouache painting, limited to 2 colors + black and white.   Imagine a Marvel's What If episode; this book is an awesome "What If Spain never colonized Latin America." Furthermore, What if the Incas would be traveled to Europe and expanded there. As cusqueño, I love to imagine the Incas without colonization. For the book face, I use the silhouette of Atahualpa (one of the book's main characters) contemplating Toledo's walls. (And I know that sounds like the book only makes the Incas the bad guys, but the book does a great job describing the expansion of the Incas civilization without the fellness of the colonization). On the other hand, the Sun simplifies the classical Cusco's Sun monument. It's rising because the book talks about the rising of the 5th "suyo" (the Incas civilization divided their territories into four parts or "suyos"). In addition, the "civilizations" title also uses a Quipu symbol (the ropes with knots that extend the linear characters). The Quipu was a communication system that the Incas developed in their times that consisted of multiple strings with multiple knots. I'm attaching my process. I hope you will enjoy it.
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