I have been practicing facial features, and sketching portraits for the past month or so, today i took a crack at making the most polished portrait i can, how did i do?
Steve Lenze
Hey lospacemarine, Nice job working on the facial features, they have their own challenges, but help us see them as 3 dimensional shapes. I did a quick diagram to show you some things that I hope will help you in the future. Mostly it shows how we need to think about the underlying structure that the features are connected to. This gives them more dimension and feel like they are not just stickers on top of the face, but are 3 D shapes on top of other 3D shapes. I hope this helps :)
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thanks, this is a very useful tool!
I spent a few days learning most of the facial features with the proko videos, and i tried to apply my knowledge in shading, any thoughts?
I spent the past 2 weeks really improving my shading, what do you think?
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