Bobby Lim
Bobby Lim
Bobby Lim
Hi, all! "Eduardo Sanchez is a electrical engineer who wants to help his dad's Mexican restaurant that was on the brink of closing down. Inspired by light shows and fireworks, he designed a device called THE CAP (Technology for Energy Constructs and Assisting People) capable of creating hard-light constructs. Eduardo decided to be a part-time mascot for the restaurant, called El Taco and used the technology for entertainment. While servicing customers, a violent heist broke loose at a bank nearby and the mascot sprung into action. He managed to stop them with his food-themed constructs and became an overnight sensation while also helping his dad's business. Staying on brand, he modified the appearance of his mascot suit and THE CAP, fighting crime with Cayenne Cleavers, Jalapeno Poppers and Nacho Shield among his other proyecciónes picantes!" Different elements of the design is inspired from... well, a taco, especially with the sweater design. May I also present his bacon poncho with shredded cheese tassels and his guacamole hairstyle. Also, THE CAP is now an on-brand flying sombrero. Sorry if my story was too extra. This is my first time entering a Proko Challenge and I'm fairly new to digital art. Any feedback is appreciated, thank you!
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