Crocudyle Boxes
Crocudyle Boxes
Crocudyle Boxes
Hi! I've got a few questions concerning how to avoid the snowman effect in apparently symmetrical parts of the body and more "stiff" and symmetrical poses (see examples for such poses below). I'm having a hard time finding a smooth gesture in symmetrical poses, especially those where the subjects are standing up straight. Also how can we do the torso / pelvis / legs in an asymmetrical (not snowman-ish) way when the subject is facing us? If anyone would like to try these, just posting what you did with them might give me some ideas and help me out Thanks!
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Crocudyle Boxes
Also here's a bunch of gesture drawings I've done this morning, I'd really appreciate any kinds of critique\advice. Each was done in 30s Wishing the best to everyone else in the community
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