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Steve Lenze
Hey boat, These look pretty good, gouache is hard. The colors tend to dry darker then they look when you put it down. I did a quick overpainting to show you some things to think about when painting. I hope it helps :)
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I see.. yea I get what you mean I made mistakes in the darker area of the work but I think I just need more practice as I go on as I just started! Thank you for the help I greatly appreciate it.
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Gouache Painting
I just started getting into Gouache and painting so if any critique on what I can do better whether it is color or better at using shadow and light. Thank you for the help ahead of time! It is 2 drawings I did using the same reference.
I hope you're doing well. I recently completed the pear assignments in the Proko Beginners Course and wanted to request a critique for my pear drawing. While watching the demo, I realized a significant mistake in my approach. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on accurately other areas I may have missed. I have attached my drawing for your convenience. Thank you for your time and guidance.
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