Benjamin Therrien
Benjamin Therrien
Alberta, Canada
I was going to live my artist dream when I retired because I didn't want to be a starving artist. I'm diving in today to make my dream a reality now.
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Kristian Nee
Hey @Atharva Lotake! I've also been playing around with AI art and I've been incredibly impressed. I've heard a lot of the same fears that you noted below, people's jobs are at risk, or who owns the images themselves? It's a really scary time, and I would be surprised if every visual artist isn't thinking the same thing. That being said, I believe that in spite of it being a very powerful tool, there will be room for artists in the future. I believe that mainly because it is fundamentally a tool. Painting directly might be easily replicable, but that doesn't mean change the fact that choosing what to paint is also an incredibly important part of the art creation process. I was talking to @Scott Flanders about this and he brought up a good point. Artists are the ones who will be able to feed in the prompts to make interesting images and do interesting things with the tool. As technology has progressed there have always been naysayers against innovation. The same thing happened when photoshop started developing as a painting tool, or when instead of making your oil paints out of burnt umber from the ground there were just people who made the paint for you. Sure there might not be concept art jobs in the future, but there will still be a need for idea generation and image making. The composition, anatomy, color and value skills your learning will still be useful in 1000 years, that's why they call them fundamentals.
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Benjamin Therrien
Couldn't agree with you more!
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