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i gave up on finishing this when ur realized the original wasn’t actually a perfect square so all of my measurements were off and the background which included a relief sculpture didn’t really allow for any stretching or invention, plus it’s supposed to be a master COPY so I decided to just leave it there. I should have said this at the beginning because no one is going to read all of this but speaking of the background that’s the part I found the most difficult, mostly the plants and trees, if you couldn’t tell. It’s one thing if you’re inventing your own trees and branches and plants but when you’re copying them and they aren’t in the right place and you have to erase and start again and you can’t seem to find a way to accurately depict them without cracking down and doing a full render it becomes pretty tedious, at least for me. Anyway if anyone has any critiques or advice for trees and plants in particular I would greatly appreciate it. Like I said I’m capable of sitting down and rendering every last leaf if I really have to and making it look presentable but I envy other artists who seem to be capable of a kind of sprezzatura approach to painting plants and trees and a lot of it probably comes down to just drawing plants and leaves more but there’s gotta be a few tips to make it a little easier. I watched a YouTube video with a girl showing people how to decorate their notebooks with leaves and that was actually surprisingly helping even though it was more of an illustration video I just need to internalize more rules of thumb and ways of depicting branches and leaves so they seem more organic and random. I don’t hate the foliage in this piece but I didn’t really tackle it because I saved it for last to get my confidence up and put pressure on myself to actually do them, but since I didn’t finish them there’s not much to hate lol.
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