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Zombify the Proko Team! – Erik Gist #prokochallenge

October 30, 20200 Comments

CHALLENGE: Zombify the Proko team, 2d or 3d, Traditional or digital. Reference can be found here

Prizes provided by @e.m.gist, and @stanprokopenko

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Pro artist and instructor at Watts, Erik Gist, critiques your horrific renderings of the crew. Erik based his winning choices on head structure, anatomy, likeness, and creativity.

The Judge

@e.m.gist is an illustrator, figurative artist, and instructor based in Southern California. He began his art journey in 1996 when he started training at the Watts Atelier with Jeff Watts. In 1998 he got his first professional job as an artist in video games. While working in games, Erik was moving towards his dream of becoming a genre illustrator. In 2005 he had the opportunity to begin his illustration career with work on a game called Hetacomb created by Wizards of the Coast. Since then, Erik has gone on to illustrate for Blizzard Entertainment, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, and Disney just to name a few.

While expanding his illustration career, he has also been teaching at the Watts Atelier in Encinitas. Erik has become one of the primary teachers at the Atelier, and a master figurative artist in his own right. While teaching at the Atelier, Erik was one of Stan’s primary drawing instructors. Erik has become a well known instructor, and illustrator in the art world and we are excited to have him!

1st Place

Erik Says: “This is definitely my gold, it’s a great image, it’s really strong, lots of really cool stuff going on. Lots of depth lots of layering of figures, good perspective. Just over all really good scale to the figures. Again maybe the atmosphere, and the depth could’ve been pushed a little bit more. Like these middle ground figures could have been pushed back a little bit more. But it’s there, it’s working. Just maybe you’re pulling in your horns a little bit. You can get away with a lot of shadow and mood in a piece like this. Really nicely done, great job.”

Aditya Panchbhai – @artditya_an_illustrator

Prize – 1 hour mentorship with Erik Gist, a custom zombie portrait drawn by Erik, the Proko Figure, Portrait, and Anatomy courses, three Proko model packs and their art featured on the Proko YouTube Channel.

2nd Place

Erik Says: “This is a really cool piece, complex composition, getting all the figures in there, having it all feel unified and not cut out. The softening of the edges around each of the heads to integrate them so things don’t feel too layered and cut out. Stan’s son is looking great there. Great Depth, maybe that hand could’ve been popped forward more. That might’ve been a place where you’d want to push some hard edges along the edge of that hand, pop it right in the foreground. It’s nice to have those soft edges around the silhouette to keep them set into the scene together but that means you can pick one or two areas to really pop into the foreground. But overall really nice image, great texture. It even has the feel of layered paint which is really nice.”

Andrew Gibson – @andrewgibbonsart

Prize – 1 hour mentorship with Erik Gist, 2 Proko courses of winner’s choice, two Proko model packs, and their art featured on the Proko YouTube Channel.

3rd Place

Erik Says: “This is really nice, really good. Strong use of technique, strong use of texture. The anatomy works really well, the likeness is pretty strong on it even underneath the zombification. I like the asymmetry, I’m always a big fan of asymmetry in zombfication, as is one side has decayed more than the other. Really Strong edge and value control, getting down to the basic fundamentals of drawing it’s really strong in the face and the overall use in values and edges. Really strong piece. Love the colors, the color harmonies are working really well. It’s sort of a subdued complimentary color scheme that works really well with zombies. I use similar color schemes quite a bit. As far as improving it, maybe do a little bit more studying of the structure of the face around the mouth and chin area. And it works as far as a zombie goes, but learning about the specific anatomical structure of the face is going to really help you a lot in sculpting out especially the nose mouth and chin area.”

Alex Ngo – @alexvnart

Prize – 1 hour mentorship with Erik Gist, 1 Proko course of their choice, 1 Proko model pack, and their art featured on the Proko YouTube Channel

Team Choice

Pasi Leinonen – @pasilion

Prize – 1 Proko course and 1 model pack.

Stan’s Choice

oRen – @mokhzaniariff

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Cooper’s Choice

Alexandre Franco – @lumiere_rustique

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Charlie’s Choice

Sebastián Flores – @foreverzerodragon

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Kristian’s Choice

Kieronpanteli – @ronntelli

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Sean’s Choice

Daniel Rüger – @danielrueger_art

Prize – 1 Proko course.

John’s Choice

Lexart.png – @lexart.png

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Alex’s Choice

Alex Galeri – galerialex

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Best Jammies Award

E-ratic Ninja – @eraticninja

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Conan O’Brien Award

Ixionsc – @ixionsc

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Route 666 Award

David Buckingham – @davidbuckinghamart

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Best Mock Movie Poster

Sebastian Szmyd – @sebastian_szmyd

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Buff Stan Award

Ptdat1610 – @ptdat1610

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Best Rock Band

Zach Knapp – @whoisbirthdaycake

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Best Selfie

Sergio – @Chko_ziter

Prize – 1 Proko course.

WTF Award

JuanP Benavides – @Juanco08

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Daft Punk Around the World Award

Craig Grivy – @craig_grivy

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Underwater Award

Julia Wynne – @jwynneillustration

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Coolest Gesture

Andriy Vynogradov – @Vynillus

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Random Winner

Gareth Doyle – @garethdoyleart

Prize – 1 Proko Course

Honorable Mentions

Other Honorable Mentions in no particular order.

Sam Brisley – @bris1985

AmjArt – @amjsaff

Thumbnail Art by Ivan Ramirez

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