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Unbalanced – Animated Short Silent Film

October 31, 20136 Comments

An animated short silent film from my lesson on Balance

Stan and Skelly play a game of Jenga…


Written and Produced by Stan Prokopenko
3D Animation – Jilmar Altamirano
3D Model – Lean Alvesan
Editing – Stan Prokopenko
Music – Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod (

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  1. Max says:

    Stan, I’ve been following your videos from the begining and they have transformed my realistic art immensely (thank you for that). Please don’t take this personally, but when I go to your site I want to learn from you not Marshal Vandraff. Want to buy this figure drawing package an see how all the info ties together to make quick sketches. The short story is a repeat and the exaggeration is not accesable (in your intros you said you would explain that as one of the topics). All in all I am super satisfied an will buy your product but I feel like your veering of course.

    • Hey Max, thank you for your input. I do value everyone’s opinion and take it all into consideration. I also know that I can’t satisfy everybody and so have to satisfy the majority or the group that I prefer to satisfy. I’ve received overwhelming positive feedback about having Marshall contribute to the critiques and Glenn Vilppu do a demonstration. The majority liked hearing them. They know things I don’t so they add value to the videos. My plan is to bring more and more artists on to share their knowledge. I want to be a resource for a complete art education, not just the things I’m good at. So, I will have guest instructors doing their own video series. Imagine what a university would be like with only one instructor giving his point of view.

      I was proud enough of the Silent Film to post it as it’s own :/

      Creating a free and full version of each lesson is a tough balance. I need to have enough in the free version that feels like a complete lesson otherwise people will get annoyed that it ends with a cliffhanger. At the same time there needs to be enough additional information in the full version to satisfy the paying customers. The exaggeration lesson is a step by step approach that I just couldn’t break up. You have to see the whole thing to understand it’s purpose. The Balance video was important enough that I gave the whole thing away for free 🙂

      Hope you understand and sorry that you feel I’m veering of course!

      • Max says:

        Considering everything you have contributed/given to your viewers, I am sorry if I came across as rude. Your lessens are greatly valued. Learning from you, Jeff Watts, and E.M. Gist is a luxury(saved me many hours, and showed me what great design is ). Maybe I’m so thirsty to learn about your figure lessons that I became self centered . I retract my prior statements, you are doing everything exceptionally. I’m putting money on my debit card to buy the lessons. Hope to see a lot on core shadows in the light and shade(values and edges) section of figure drawing.

  2. guy says:

    WOW! First. What an awesome video. Proko. I have a way too busy schedule and I pop in occasionally while riding the metro. MAX. Thanks for the feed back you provided. Did not sound rude just well stated. I wasn’t even aware I could purchase from this SITE! SOUNDS STUPID BUT IM usually on the run doing two things at once and it didn’t register. Dub. I’m buying! Awesome site!

  3. tom-paul jagg says:

    Hello Stan,
    Mate, you’re an asset to the art world. You truly are a giving person and want to genuinely help
    people progress. Your sense of humour is an extra bonus to the right brainers out there, as we
    need that extra dimensional input to learn, and you make it look easy which relaxes the subconscious.

    my motto, ”Smile, Embrace Life, Have Fun, and Do A Good Deed a Day”, Cheers, tp

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