Proko-logo-transMasterpiece Drawing Demo by Stephen Bauman


What You’ll Learn

Stephen Bauman is an award-winning figure artist and in this Masterpiece Demo, you’ll get to watch him create a masterpiece from scratch. You’ll see his entire process from start to finish.

  • blocking in the basic shapes
  • establishing the shadow and light
  • organizing the halftones
  • developing the structure and planes of the head
  • refining the shadow shapes and light shapes
  • resolving the planes of the individual features
  • softening edges and getting the big impression

  • What You Get

    Stephen completes this portrait over 2 days working entirely from a live model and finishes with realistic rendering. This demo and lesson is a must-have for those wanting to see the entire process and workflow of a professional draftsman. We’re so excited to release this new demo series. There are 2 versions included with the purchase.

    A Real-Time Cut

    A 10+ hour real-time version. The only things we cut out were breaks and long pauses so that you can learn from the raw experience. If there’s any portion of the drawing that you want to see in detail as it really happened, such as the eyes or hair, it’s in this cut. You’ll have the full experience and appreciation of the time and effort that goes into a drawing of this scale.

    A Refined Cut

    A shortened feature that will include Stephen’s complete process from start to finish. From the hours of footage we selected the most essential parts and assembled them into a shorter cut to deliver as much information as possible in the quickest amount of time.

    It’s easy to understand that imagination is… finite, in a way. Whereas the shapes that the chaos of nature conspires to present to you are almost infinite.

    – Stephen Bauman

    About Stephen Bauman

    Stephen’s work has been featured in numerous publications including ‘Lessons in Classical Drawing’ and ‘Figure Drawing Atelier’ by Juliette Aristides. He was awarded first place in the Imaginative Realism category of the 2014-15 ARC salon as well as being awarded a purchase prize for his painting When I Was Young. That painting was featured on the cover of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine in which he was profiled.

    Stephen Bauman Portrait Drawing

    Stephen’s Artwork

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this a course?

    Nope. It’s a demo. Unlike the courses which focus on a specific topic, the demo will provide you with an opportunity to watch a professional artist create a masterpiece from scratch.

    Is there a free version of this demo?

    This demo is only available for premium members who purchase the demo.

    Can I download the videos?

    Yup! Each video is downloadable as an mp4 file at 720p. Please don’t share the videos. Each purchase helps to create future videos like these.

    Can I get this as a DVD?

    Right now, I’m offering this as an online only demo.

    Do I get access to all videos you make in the future?

    No, this only includes the demo listed above. If the artist does another demo it won’t be included with this demo purchase.