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Sneak Peak at Caricature PART II – Discounts!

June 13, 20170 Comments

Hi everybody. So, you all made it through Part 1 of The Art of Caricature. Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of how to exaggerate and how to build a drawing from a rough concept to a finished rendering, you have the basic tools and skills to move into the next phase of your development. Get ready for Part 2 with all new lessons that go deeper into caricature theory.
You’re probably all eager to learn more. But even if you still struggle with basic exaggeration or achieving a likeness, it’s okay to move on and learn more advanced concepts. You may actually find these new exercises are exactly what you need.

The lessons in Part 2 are designed to get you out of your comfort zone, and build your caricature muscles. The exercises I’ve created will help improve your visual memory and even trick you into drawing stronger exaggerations. You’ll learn how to set specific goals for a sketch and improve your problem-solving skills. I’ll teach you exercises to inspire your creativity and think outside the box. There are lessons on how to work around mental roadblocks, break bad habits and methods on how to figure out those difficult faces. We’ll even learn about digital painting — a subject a lot of you have been asking about.

If you’re interested in getting the extended lessons and extra premium demos at a 25% discount, go to and sign-up for the course before July 4th.

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