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Woah! Kid Drawings REIMAGINED by Artists (#Prokochallenge)

April 10, 20200 Comments

CHALLENGE:Find a drawing by a child 0-6 years old and redraw it! It can be your kid’s or a drawing from your own childhood. Stay true to the child’s original idea. Imagine what they TRIED to draw, and draw that. Your own embellishments to the concept are fine as long as you respect the original idea. Judged by me based on the kid’s drawing, staying true to their idea, and execution (and probably humor)..

Prizes provided by @stanprokopenko, and @wacom

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The March #Prokochallenge was to redraw kids’ art. The idea was to take the endless creativity of a child and combine it with the skills of an adult artist. There were over a thousand submissions and I want to thank everyone who participated in the challenge! In this video, I’ll react to the submissions and choose the winners, including WTF Award, Comedy, Best Interpretation, Proko Team Choice and many honorable mentions. Special thanks to Wacom for providing prizes for the challenge.

The Judge

@stanprokopenko the guy that made this site… I sell courses, hate drawing kangaroos, and co-host a podcast called Draftsmen. I like drawing people and will use my anatomy knowledge to “figure” out who the winner.

1st Place

Gilgamesh – @looslines

My thoughts: This one is amazingly complex, yet simply so good. The kid’s drawing shows off the power of a child’s imagination and Gilgamesh did an amazing job staying true to the original while bringing it to a really fun looking illustration. I love how this looks just like what a kid would be thinking about. It gets better and better the more you look at it and compare all the elements from the original. The angry pug right under its own WANTED sign is my favorite.

Prize – A Wacom One Creative Pen Display, Cooper Prokopenko Signed Print, and the Figure, Portrait, and Anatomy courses.

imaginative kid drawing
redrawn kid art by pro artist

2nd Place

Cal Pal – @the_instacalpal

My thoughts: When I first saw this I thought this is exactly what a child imagines when playing with their toys. This belongs in a children’s book. I love the style and the cute playfulness of the shape design.

Prize – A Wacom Intuos Small Bluetooth tablet, Cooper Prokopenko Signed Print and a choice of 1 Proko Course.

sea creature kid art
lockness monster art challenge

3rd Place

Tarek Moutran – @tarekmrk

My thoughts: The execution won it for Tarek. He took a simple kid drawing and built a fantastic world that looks straight out of Star Wars in the style of Moebius. The details make it really exciting to look at for a while. I love how the shape of the hand-like things being sold in the back look just like the hands of the character in the kid’s drawing.

Prize – Cooper Prokopenko Signed Print and 1 Proko course.

Random Winner

Nadia – @nadia_anbat

Prize – A Wacom Intuos Small tablet.

Proko “Team Choice”

Nguyen Quoc Bao –

Prize – Cooper Prokopenko Signed Print and 1 Proko course.

Comedy Award

Kostas D –

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Videogamification Award

Fede Catalá Errozarena – @fefinfon

Prize – 1 Proko course.

WTF Award

Daniel Rüger – @danielrueger_art

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Youngest Filipino Artist Award

Jp Albaño – @jpa.the_artist

Prize – 1 Proko course.

I Love You Mom Award

Yvonne – @largewoosh

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Coronavirus Award

Jorge – @jmcucalon

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Tiger King Award

Mtl Nutbar – @mtl_nutbar

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Best Interpretation Award

fyfyfyfy – @fyfyfyfyfyll

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Cooper Interpretation Award

Viny Arts – @viny_arts

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Honorable Mentions

Other Honorable Mentions in no particular order.

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