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Reacting to YOUR Drawings – Super Art Challenge

October 19, 20181 Comment

In a previous video I had a bunch of Comic Con artists sketch an art hero or villain from imagination. Well, a bunch of you guys posted your own on instagram under #proko! So the Proko team gathered around to see what you drew 🙂

Thanks to all the artists who participated:

Foe Shortener @xyfoid
The Smugger @drawersperception
Cast Shadow @cb_illustratie
Gesture Jester @jd_artwork
The Jesture @jethrogibbons
Assthetic @mochisun
Darth Shader @leodtoro
Spider-Bob the Pain-ter @thedrowsydragoncomic
Vin Easel @pamela_dowie
Sir Realism @metalbronceado
Artist Blok @dmelloco
Captain Negative Space @jassar_brush
Sir Realism @ens.mlk.yldz
Cross Hatch @amberdreams123
Shade Fool @abbas_arts
Free Lancer @david.dingo.bleecher
The Core Shadow @danie_artsy_boy

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  1. Giorgio says:

    Hey Proko, thanks for showing “Foe Shortener”. It was a fun challenge. I always enjoy watching your videos. Your drawing courses are amazing.

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