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Proko Challenge February 2020

Prizes provided by @Wacom

Draw or paint a monster that is designed to compete in the ultimate monster fighting championship! Must include organic (animal anatomy) and hard surface (tech) design elements. Judged by Scott Flanders based on originality, thematic consistency, and execution.

The Judge

@shapecarver is a professional artist who has worked gaming industry. Some of the projects he has worked include League of Legends and Evolve. Scott is primarily a creature concept designer and focuses on creating concepts with digital shape carving and sculpting.

1st Place

Burning Armadillo – @burningarmadillo

Scott says: Burning Armadillo really nailed the fantasy of this challenge is. It’s mutant monsters being sent into a ring to tear the crap out of each other. It has a lot of neat elements and unconventional animal choices so it’s getting points for originality. The idea of a chimera is pretty common, but zebra/wolf/shark? That’s pretty awesome. Kinda random, but it works! The style of execution is nice and clear and you really look like you’ve put the care into understanding animals. Nice job!

Prize – A Wacom One Creative Pen Display, an Original Sculpt by Scott of their Winning Design, Scott Flanders Signed Monster Print, and the Figure, Portrait, and Anatomy courses.

Winner of Feb 2020 Proko Art Challenge!

2nd Place

Kingsley Clutten – @kingsleyclutten

Scott says: Kingsley’s creature is probably the best designed in the challenge. There’s a repeated shape language but it’s not over done. You’ve got changes in rhythms throughout the piece. There are also really nice color harmonies going on. Awesome piece!

Prize – A Wacom Intuos Small Bluetooth tablet, Scott Flanders Signed Monster Print and a choice of 1 Proko Course.

Runner-up of Feb 2020 Proko Art Challenge!

3rd Place

Joe – @joewatsonillustration

Scott says: I love the way Joe uses color in his piece. It’s a clever, fun character with great presentation. The hatch marks and shadow shapes area really strong as well. What a great character.

Prize – Scott Flanders Signed Monster Print and 1 Proko course.

Random Winner

Yash Chavda – @brushnyash

Prize – A Wacom Intuos Small tablet.

Proko “Team Choice”

Francesco Silva – @francesco_lobo

Prize – Scott Flanders Signed Monster Print and 1 Proko course.

Comedy Award

Rafael Fong – @mrfong

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Most Easily Defeated

S.Georgiana – @sleam_georgiana

Prize – 1 Proko course.

WTF Award

Ts – @ttsart9

Prize – 1 Proko course.

Honorable Mentions

Other Honorable Mentions in no particular order.

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