Ronnie Nimer
Ronnie Nimer
Aspiring concept artist. The game that inspired me to build worlds is Gothic 1. Fav artits: Rob Bliss, Vlad Gheneli, Oleg Vdovenko, Jeff Simpson.
Ronnie Nimer
Hey! Indeed it is an awesome reference. I love how you made him look like this fierce, brutal warrior! The dark value on the shield makes the ripped body pop up, which is great! I got once a nice advice, from an artist I like, and he told me that even if I feel like I dont have experience or enough knowledge in one part of the body, I should still try and put effort in this area. The advice helped me a lot personally to produce more complete look and also have more experience in the areas I usually struggle with. But, I think sometimesit's fine to leave parts of the body untouched, if it suppose to be a specific study, it depends on what the artist is trying to do. Anyways, Keep up the awesome work! :D Looking forward for more stuff 💪👏🙌
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