Ranajay Medya
Ranajay Medya
Ranajay Medya
Hi, I have recently started using procreate for digital paintings and have been using @Sinix brushset. I have been doing acrylic before this. Please give some advice on how to learn and improve.
Steve Lenze
Hey Ranajay Medya, I like your torso studies, they are very dynamic. One thing you are missing though is the "pinch" and overlap of the body when you show a twist or bend. I did a quick sketch to show you what I mean. Remember to always add what you need to get across the idea in the pose. Hope this helps :)
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Ranajay Medya
Thanks! I’ll remember this while practising.
Ranajay Medya
Hi all, I have been practicing female figure torso from different perspectives. It’s quite difficult to understand the connection of the limbs with the body. I would like some advice on how to improve. Thanks!
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