Patricia Ließ
Patricia Ließ
Hi Jon and hi everyone, totally excited about this art community thing. I really struggle with color, value and rendering to a specific level. Any advice, Tipp, Tutorial or whatever are totally welcome, please help, kiss kiss and much love!
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Patricia Ließ
I really like the rich colors of the first one. A very nice use of lighting. Perhaps you could unify the values some more in the areas where you don't want too much attention to not distract from the focus of your image? For the second one it seems like the colors are in relatively the same range value-wise. You could change the image to grayscale to check. Value pulls a lot of weight when it comes to color. Even if the saturation or hue doesn't quite fit, if the values are right, you'll still have a pretty good result. Also the green and blue of the clothes are very vibrant and compete with each other.