Nellie Barwick
Nellie Barwick
Nellie Barwick
Hi there! The book I chose to illustrate a cover for is “The tiger who came to tea” written by the lovely Judith Kerr in 1968. This book holds a great sense of nostalgia and significance as this was one of my favourite books to read in my childhood. The whimsical tale of a small girl and a large friendly tiger dining together and making mischief seems to excite and inspire all children alike. I loved the aesthetics of this book; the type of vintage and grandma feel that the story gives you is like a warm hug to your younger self. I wanted to capture all these feelings in my adaption of this cover. I decided for the font, I wanted to make it feel like an old newspaper or typewriter. Almost like a child’s collage that they would place on the kitchen table. I wanted to keep my colour palette minimal and simplistic, so I used the base colours of orange and blue, but I created tonal value through blending and overlaying these colours to make darker and lighter shades for dimension in my piece. I decided to make the background a floral pattern to imitate an old English home in the 1960-1970s, like a wallpaper in a children’s bedroom of a 1970s house. Also, the colour pallet of orange and blue is reminiscent of the 1970s with groovy and bright, fun colours. I didn’t want to over complicate the piece so I kept the composition clear and easy to comprehend so If you saw this book in a bookstore you could identify it from further away but still have enough detail. I thoroughly enjoyed making this piece and wish the best to everyone who has entered the competition!
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Nellie Barwick
PS: to see the pictures better please be redirected to my instagram via this link, just in case the photo is blurry or hard to read .... thanks so much !!!!
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