Natalia Gil
Natalia Gil
Natalia Gil
Hi! My name is Natalia Gil. I am 24 years old and just recently graduated from the Academy of Art University for Visual Development. I am struggling the most with figuring out where to apply myself. I have always been interested in video game art but 3D is not my strength (although I am currently working on that). My focus in 2D art with photoshop and procreate. I am open to working with anything like props, environment, character, and even UI design. I would mostly like to know how to decide where to apply myself, and especially organize my portfolio.  Thank you for the opportunity! 
nataliagil characterdesign5
Ui Progress Final Portfolio copy 2
Gil 11 1 Anime copy
Screen Shot 2021 05 22 at 8.58.25 PM copy
nataliagil environmentandvehicledesign2
nataliagil characterdesign1
Title Screen Portfolio Pitch copy 2
Final Board V1
Cata V1 copy 2
Food Cart V1 copy 2
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