Hello @Morlog The obvious answear I give if someone were to ask me how to begin doing portrait by picture,I would say they should start trying to drawing portrait from reference.But since that answear seemed unsatisfactory I'll give you a few pointer I suggest Stephen Bauman portrait drawing series where he lead you through how he would start a portrait drawing from start to finish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRG3N63G3AE Andrew Loomis also thaught it really well in his book https://www.alexhays.com/loomis/Andrew%20Loomis%20-%20Drawing%20the%20Head%20and%20Hands.pdf And obviously proko portrait fundamental https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EPNYWeEf1U&list=PLR2KBLDDnZz0pHBiiyrqlOB3FU-W5XX1k Then I would suggest just jumping into it and try to draw a face from reference as best as you could.Don't worry if the proportion or value isn't right the first time,you'll get better if you keep studying.(Also here a resource for faces https://line-of-action.com/) On the topic of the actual drawing,I think you did really good!You copy the drawing of the eyes really well and there aren't that big of a value or structure mistake.The page on the nose,i think you did good on the top but the one below seem to be missing the darker parts on the underside of the nose (Some VAnderpoel for example,I suggest copying these and all his other plates if you feel like improving your design) But honestly,yeah,again,I suggest just jumping in and drawing the faces.That way it's more obvious where your weaknesses are and it be easier to know what to study next (Also I apologize that this became longer than I thought,hopefully it was usefull and not just a waste of time >_<)
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Thanks, I will look into these links and just try it I suppose. Thanks for the feedback!
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How to improve?
I am trying to eventually get to the point where I can draw a portrait from reference. So far I have been trying to focus on the very basics and to get an understanding of proportions as well as how light and shadow interacts. I can follow tutorials just fine, the end result does not look exaxctly like the tutorial but there is a likeliness. However I have absolulety no idea where to begin if I want to draw a portrait by looking at a reference picture on pinterest etc Here are some of the end results: the first is a tutorial I followed (Proko) the second as well the last is an image of pinterest by an artist named vornikow that I tried to emulate. Here is the link to the original image: https://pin.it/aKyVC8S Any and all critic is wanted! Thanks :)
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